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The Frankfurter Chair

The Frankfurt chair or the Frankfurt kitchen chair is considered the standard chair of the fifties and sixties.

The front foot, front frame and seat bracket were glued together in a single operation, which ensured durability.

The result is a simple chair that is so unimpressive at first glance that it is taken for granted. In its simplicity and its restraint lies its high quality and this makes it one of the most important designs in furniture history.

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The Frankfurter Bar Chair

The Frankfurter Bar Stool

The Frankfurter bar chair is just as popular and well known as its big brother, the Frankfurter Kitchen Chair, and accompanies and complements it at the bar.

Apart from the height, we produce the chairs to the same specifications. Made from solid beech and with many bentwood components, we place great value on the meticulous workmanship and the extremely sturdy design.

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The Corner Chair from Stoelcker

The Corner Chair from Stoelcker

The Corner Chair by Stoelcker seductively highlights unused corners in the living room and thus becomes a solitaire. Whether as a shelf in the hallway or as a replacement chair for the dining table, the furniture is an all-rounder in any case.

The ergonomically shaped armrest and backrest of the corner chair sit diagonally on three legs and allow you to move closer to the table. The genuine leather seat and the rounded seat frame at the front ensure comfortable sitting.

Due to the elaborate and stable construction as well as the indestructible oak wood, the corner chair, like all chairs by Stoelcker, is made for eternity.

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The Solid Wood Chair

The Solid Wood Chair

The importance of design in the context of seating furniture is not only determined by its practicality and the needs and demands of the user, but always by the role and self­conception of the design as a discipline between art and technology.

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The Solid Wood Stool

The Solid Wood Stool from Stoelcker

The Stoelcker Solid Wood Stool combines the clarity of the simple, modern design with the durability and value of solid oak wood. The considerable thickness of the wood makes it look really classy, and in use this makes it extremely robust.

The shapely stool with a spacious seat has a high-quality finish and is versatile in use - because it not only cuts a good figure as a seat, but also as a coffee table, plant pedestal and much more. A flexible, smart and sustainable piece of furniture.

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The Runged chair

The Runged chair from Stoelcker

The runged chair traditionally has its origins in Venetia in Italy and is also known as the Tessin chair. Vincent's chair or French cathedral chair. Originally the chairs were made from roughly-carved branches and the seat was woven from straw.

Stoelcker has produced the chair, as well as the Frankfurter Chair, since 1936. Our Tessin chair corresponds to the original of its time, is manufactured in an elaborate process, is meticulously crafted and, like all Stoelcker chairs, is extremely durable.

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The Bentwood Chair

The Bentwood Chair

For lovers and collectors of important and at the same time beautiful chairs, it is absolutely essential to “own” a bentwood chair. These chairs were first made using the classical bending process in the first half of the 19th century. The solid beech wood is plasticised with steam and the bending process takes place in a tension band and is then stabilised by drying.

Stoelcker offers a small selection of high quality and rare bentwood chairs.

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Children's Chairs by Stoelcker

Children's Chairs by Stoelcker

The children's tables and chairs by Stoelcker meet the same demands that our furniture for adults have. They have a high quality of finishing and the craftsmanship is of the highest standard.

Adorable and valuable children's tables and chairs that will provide pleasure for generations. They create an environment that promotes the mental and spiritual development of our children.

You can find a fine selection of elaborately crafted solid wood children's furniture here.

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